IPI / Revolution of the Mind
May 1, 1998
Soil Gallery
Photolog by Tony Paddock
IPI Photos created 5/15/98

I do not speak for nor represent NWCA, Soil, or the artists shown.
I am not a real photographer, just some shmo with a camera.
I do not have permission from anybody to take or display these photos.
The image quality is poor because it was dark and I'm not a real photographer (see above).
See the links below for info on NWCA, IPI, and the artists.
If you would like an image removed, just email me.
It was fun.
- Toby Paddock

Click on the images for larger images (but you knew that, didn't you?)


click for a larger image Ffeg
click for a larger image Man In A Can
click for a larger image Christopher DeLaurenti (left) & Mark Taylor-Canfield (right)
click for a larger image Allan Loucks of Tin Ear
click for a larger image Some kind of a glowing-LED alien tendrils thing that I don't
know anything about, but liked quite a bit.


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