Collectives - Organizations - Groups

The Jack Straw Foundation
A non profit studio that supports local artists exploring the use of sound.

A creative musicians' collective which embodies the idea of a sonic organism by dropping loop-strips
of music into a pool to assemble new compositions.

SIL2K (Strategic Improvisation Laboratories)
On a mission to increase awareness of experimental music and performance through the interactive,
improvisational music games of the SIL2K Ensemble as well as through concert promotion in Seattle. is a Seattle-based new-media team devoted to emergent culture specializing in cross disciplinary work that explores the intersection of art and technology.


Mailing Lists

Seattle-area Sound Artists are invited to join our mailing list on Yahoo! Groups.



Locus Productions
Live and recorded web broadcasts of cutting edge music.

SoniCabal Radio on
Sample music made by people who are or have been active members of the SoniCabal.



The Tentacle
The Tentacle is an on line publication dedicated to charting the depths of creative music in the
Pacific Northwest.


Venues - Showcases

Cognitive Dissidents
Every Wednesday at Coffee Messiah, Cognitive Dissidents presents an intimate evening of live
experimental music.

Consolidated Works
Film, theater, music and visual art.

Polestar Music Gallery
Dedicated to presenting adventurous and experimental musics - Contemporary composition, electronic
and electro-acoustic music, free improv, installations, noise, out jazz, sound art, and more.


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