SoniCabal Members
The concept of membership in this organization is a very loose idea. Everyone in the world are members or there are no members. Any membership "list" is not going to be completely inclusive. For the purposes of this group, however, it is the membership that defines what the SoniCabal is and can be. To that end, below is a partial list of those who claim membership in The SoniCabal. Membership is open and encouraged for Seattle area based sound manipulators. Join our Yahoo Mailing list and post for more information.


John Bain
John Bain is a sound artist currently working in Seattle. He has a background in architecture and is currently running Simulux Studios - Seattle, a facility dedicated to the research of sound and it's implication in architecture. Presently he is performing with organizational electronics, as the Mutant Data Orchestra, in an attempt to expose the hidden structures within our digital technologies.

Steve Barsotti
Steve Barsotti is a sound artist and educator who lives in Seattle. His work includes studio based explorations of sound for radio broadcast, site specific sound installation, improvisation on electrical/acoustical instruments and sound as an integral part of performance. He has had his work played on radio in Chicago and Berlin as well as participation in Radio festivals in Canada and Ireland.

Christopher DeLaurenti
Christopher DeLaurenti (1967-2071), a composer and improviser, writes "My music, the offspring of my love affair with sound, incorporates murky atmospheres, unusual field recordings, everyday speech, and an array of instruments deployed in maniacal recombinant polyphony. I also perform in the free improvising electronics group rebreather with Alex Keller."

Carl Farrow
Carl Farrow has created music for dance, film, video and sound-installations as well as doing numerous performances in clubs and galleries. Besides doing solo work as inBOIL he performs regularly with electronic trio STAR*POLAR and the improv-oriented SIL2K ENSEMBLE. He is a founding member of the SONICABAL and is the kingpin of PARTIAL, a record label dedicated to adventurous music in the Pacific Northwest.

Entropic Advance
Entropic advance, has been performing, recording, and producing ambient experimental noise music since 1998. Wesley Davis (bios+a+ic) and Casey Jones (noise poet nobody) create a sound which features complex layered beats, lush effects-laden trumpet, processed slide guitar, rich sampled textures, unique vocal manipulations, and obscure field recordings. These evolved influences of EDM, glitch, and Dn'B, are emersed in ambience, noise, and soundscapes, creating a distinctive stylistic approach of modern sound art.

Ffej is a rouge analog synthesist and sound artist on the run from normality. His experimental songs and compositions defy description as does his multifaceted musical life of collaborative activities. Inspirations include: the roar of the highway, sci-fi movies and drink tickets.

Otis Fodder
Mining the aural dustbins of society Fodder produces the project, The Bran Flakes (with Mildred Pitt), which subverts cultural propaganda by turning it inside out in both humorous and provocative ways, plays in the ensemble Lullabelle and curates an assortment of projects (including Comfort Stand Records).

Intonarumori delivers experimental electronic ambiences using Cello, Bass and electronic manipulations.

Carl Juarez
Self-described isolate and improvising electronic guitarist Carl Juarez has nonetheless in the last twenty years managed to be a performing member of (in chronological order) Freestanding Heuristic Systems, Mobile Intelligence Unit, Outlying Industrial Areas, the Carrion Commandos, Your Neighbor's Dog Napalmed in Viet-Nam, improvising rock group Yama the Pit, Sky Cries Mary, MK-Ultra (not the well-known one), Projekt Edison, Chibavision, Mysta-Gee and Invisible Biscuit, while home-recording countless hours of semi-electronic music ranging from punk to electroacoustic to ambient. He maintains a personal studio, Heurihermilab, where he conducts experiments in generative and deterministic music and imagewerk.

Alex Keller
Alex Keller makes work with other artists, computers, homemade electronics, and real spaces. The work addresses topics like gentrification, our sound environment, myth, and the formal aspects of music and sound. He currently performs with Christopher DeLaurenti as rebreather and will be releasing a compact disc very soon.

Meri von KleinSmid
Meri von KleinSmid has spent years experimenting with a variety of  techniques and themes, occasionally collaborating with other artists, or  performing live. Born in Los Angeles, she currently resides in Seattle. Her  formal studies include classical piano, history of western music, and ethnomusicology.

Ever-changing and evolving sounds pulsate into textures that are blended little by little and mixed into larger, louder walls of nosie.

Dale Lloyd
Founded in 2001, and originally a sub-label for Overheard And Rendered, and/OAR has been the more recent focus of sound composer Dale Lloyd, and is devoted to releasing field recordings and electroacoustic compositions.

Toby Paddock
Sound tinkering; field recording; connecting things to other things; idle speculation about projects that never get done; contact mics; old test equipment; unable to play even one song on any instrument; 60Hz drones and harmonics; using equipment that is cheap and wrong; impractical controllers for analog synthesizers; magnetic fields; randomness; music for oscilloscopes; unstable systems; having fun with the process and results - if any - are a bonus.

R.S. Pearson
A post-industrial and often pleasant musical surrealism, getting outside of the normal forms of music while still often remaining in tonal and harmonic scales.

Paul Rubenstein
Paul Rubenstein creates a wide variety of music, ranging from "world music" (mainly Arabic and Indian) to "way-out, experimental" sounds to rock, with elements of all kinds of other things. Paul plays traditional instruments including oud, rebab, guitar, and also his own creations such as the ubertar, m'birangi, electric saron, and mechanical monk. He is best known for his work in "world music" duet Bakshish, and is currently attending Bard College for an MA in "music-as-art", while pursuing a career creating scores for film and video, as well as other musical projects.

Formerly of the duo Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, sugarglider is a pseudo-solo music project that seeks to collaborate with anything it can get its hands on. Taking samples from movies, found tapes, discovered sounds, self/other-created music parts, and love, sugarglider attempts to (re)create a little bit of something out of everything. The final product ranges from the absurdly perverse to a sweatheart you'd be proud to take home to mom.

TCOR music is elastic rhythmic eclectic electric ... one ear on techno's derivatives, one ear in an asynchronous neonic journey through the Orion Nebula. Lately the music plays with the sequencing of cut-paste-and-mutilate sound collages. Who knows what strange attractor it'll follow next?

xaxis wye
xaxis wye is the moniker of Jeff Mueller, a northwest native. Beginning in 1996, he began combining improvisational synthesizer and sound collage with meditation and chant inspired by eastern philosophy. Drawing from many genres, xaxis wye continuously evolves into a medium for new fusions of sound, echoing both the cutting edge sonics of modern beat music and the natural ambiance of nature and man.

XISIX is wastelander glitch elektron circuit mutation hoodoo. After shadow monkey died, I + I + I transgressed with passion. Killed ravens + spooks with my purity of essence. Caressed crowd's broken hearts with non-linear sounds + images. Arribe jah double Dutch murderer. Let romance thrive.